There are many libraries inside Jamia, which are exclusive. Please find the details below:

  1. Imam-e-Azam Library: This is the largest library of Jamia. There are more than thirty thousand books in it. It has been divided into two parts. In one part, the text books, magazines, articles, stories, etc. related to the students of the course are collected, and in the other Session there are books related to history, theory etc.
  2. Munazira Ahle Sunnat Library: It has a special collection of books by Hajrat Allaah Alhaj Maulana Sagheer Ahmad Rizvi Jokhanpuri under this. Munazire Ahle Sunnat Hajrat Allama Alhaj Maulana Sagir Ahmed Rizvi Joganpuri, because of his hobbies - Zokh got prohibited for religion and religion and moved to Sessions like Kuran, Shari'a, Granth, Risale, Magazine etc. and brought them. This also includes collections of books related to foreign countries and foreign writers such as Beirut, Lebanon, Egypt etc. that are printed in Arabic countries. It has also collected foreign ribs, magazines, etc.
  3. Munazira Library: Jamia's thinking has been from the beginning that such students should be prepared by Jamia which can serve the religion and the nation in every field according to their abilities. Therefore, a library has been prepared by Jamia, in which special types of books were collected, in which books related to all topics such as engineering, technical, historical, philosophical, nature, science, English, computer, interstate, etc. related books, monthly and quarterly letters Books, literature etc. have been collected.

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