Different offices have been set up for the education of all the subjects in Jamia, Every department has been appointed a separate department head, who is fulfilling the tasks under his authority while abiding by his rules & rights

Admission :

  1. Jamia's education session ends with 9 Shabal (date 9 of Id) and ends with 11 Shabanul Moazzam (11th day of Shabe'brar).
  2. The new admission starts from 9 Shabal (date 9 of Id) and till 15 Shabal (date 15 of Id).
  3. All classes are held after admission test.
  4. No enrollment in primary classes
  5. Entry in Nizami (Maulviat) is taken only after the written examination related to the previous class.
  6. The first entrance test for admission in Nizami (Maulviat) is 11 Shabbal and the second entrance examination is held on 13 Shawwal vacancies.
  7. The study begins from 16 evening and the subject related books are provided free to all students / girls who applied at the end of the session.
  8. There is no fee for education in Jamia. While all students are given luncheon (lentils, rice, roti, meat, vegetables etc.) continuously.
  9. The name of the student is suspended after 15 days continuous non absence of permission (absconding).
  10. All students are required to have clothes, sheets, bedding, utensils etc. for them.
  11. The Namaz and the Jamat is necessary for the students / students. The violation will be entitled to strict punishment.
  12. In the case of Sunnat and Jamaat, issue of any kind will not be tolerated at all.
  13. It is not apologetic in any way to abstain from any kind of bad behavior and order from the principals, teachers and officials of Jamia.
  14. Apart from Jamia's holidays, permission is required from the Principal, and it will depend on his sole discretion.
  15. It is inappropriate to have a multimedia mobile in Jamia. After getting caught it will be taken and the mobile will be confiscate after the final examination.

Education System :

The education system of Jamiyatul Qadriya is very solid and within the scope of Kanunu. The education here is not only formally but rather to train the Muslim students / students as well as to train them and to provide them a better future. Here education is given to the education of nationalities and religious students, with high quality Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Quran, English, Mathematics & Computer etc., without any discrimination. Jamia is counted as one of India's best research institutions.

Examination: In Jamia, three examinations are conducted in the year to check the eligibility of students and for them to pursue their studies. Only after passing the quarter, half yearly and annual examination, the academic certificate is given to the students.

Degree and Academic Certificate: In Jamia, classes are held in Tahajjul Qur'an-e-Karim, Maulviate, Alamiyat, Fazilat, Immat and Khilbat and their degrees and educational certificates are given. In addition to this, a sala, two salaas and three yearly courses are also provided, whose certificates are issued.

Awards :

Imme-Azam Award - This award is given to the student coming first in whole Jamia in the annual examination.

Gausa Azam Award - This award is given to the student who comes first in Jamia, in the half yearly examination.

Khawaja Gareeb Nawaz Award - This award is given to the student coming first in Jamia, in the quarterly examination.

In addition to getting first, second and third positions in the class, prizes and shields and other awards like Imam Ahmad Raza Award, Huzur Mufti-e-Azam Hind Award are also given from time to time.

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