In Aljamiyatul Qadriya, Uloom-A-Islamia and Uloom Aasariya are given for the preparation of training and for this preparatory work, around 100 Muslims and Muslims are killed in the night, and about 1000 Talba and Talibat are the main training centers of India. Qiyam and Tam, Qutb and Jumla Sureiyaat are made for free from the Jamia side.

Alamdillullah is growing in the front of the Jamia faction of Talaimi, Taheqiqi, Tasneifi and Tabliigi Shawabs. By which the tamaris have not been enough till now. Therefore, the moon tamirat is continuing on a large scale.

Jumiya Masarif of Jamia and the expense of Allah Taala by Tawfee, just Ahle is well on the Mali Taivun of Hazrat. Jamiya's Arakan Shumla Ahle Khale appeals to Hazrat that Jamia's tawwun firma and Indullah be Majroor.

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