This institution is located on Nainital Road, the Richha station of qasba Richha, in Tehseel Baheri, famous district of Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh state of India. This is a completely Islamic center. It was established in 1985 by Maulana Sagir Ahmed Jodhpuri, from Tehsil Bahedi District Bareilly. It is built and settled in about 54 bighas area.

This property is fully registered under the name of the organization Aljamiyatul Kadariya Educational Society. It teaches all subjects like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English and Computer. Here, students are spreading illumination and lighting in India and other countries, being named Roshan and Jimal.

Here, students study different areas. Different buildings and rooms have been created for their different areas. Its structure is made in future university format in which different area execute different tasks related to education.

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